Welcome, I’m Louise Clarke, your parenting partner:

  • I’m guessing that you are here because you know life as a parent shouldn’t be this challenging? You’ve tried many things but none of them work long term? Life always slips back to this place of over-whelm and frustration. You just don’t know what to do. I hear you. You have found a safe place here, let me support you
  • I can help you rise strong and get through it
  • I’ll help you learn to trust yourself again, set boundaries and become the parent you want to be and the one your child needs you to be
  • I can help you find a better way, one for the long haul! One that will bring more calm, less conflict, a deeper connection but above all, more fun and joy to your life as a parent
  • I’m going to help you step into your power. You have what it takes and with me, you will create the family life you deserve
  • In my own life as a parent I have successfully navigated many challenges. Trust me, just because I do what I do, does not mean I don’t face challenges. I am a Mom, I have three teenagers, and kids will be kids: there will always be challenges, it would be naïve to think otherwise. However, I have found a way that helps me regardless of the challenge, and I’d love to help you get on this path.

Whatever your struggle; you might be frustrated, busy, stressed-out and your child is disrespectful, not listening, controlling, talking back or on Social Media ALL.THE.TIME, I can help you achieve parenting harmony and success. I offer Private sessions via Phone, FaceTime, WhatsApp, camera or no camera – your choice! Call me, I’d love to chat more.

Childhood passes quickly. Why not give you and your child every opportunity to succeed? More info

Are you tired of feeling unfulfilled in your role as a parent & ready to put an end to your struggles and revitalize the joy, fun and ease in your family life?

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