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Shaping Our Parenting Behavior For Report Cards

Last week I wrote about report cards and invited you to really think about what they mean for you. Today, I’m going to focus on the impact that our chosen response might have on our children surrounding their report cards and how we can shape our behavior positively. “Hey Mom, did you get my report card?” asked my son yesterday “Yes I did, it came last Friday” “How did I do?” “Have you seen it yet?” “No!” “Oh, sorry, I thought you’d seen it at school. Here it is, when you have read it you can tell me what you think of it?” This is exactly how the conversation with my son played out last week. I had actually read the report a few days prior to him asking me but had totally overlooked it in the busyness of life… When we did discuss it, I made a huge effort to consciously shape my behavior and response to one of encouragement. The subsequent conversation we had was highly productive and positive. I’d like you to take a look at the two perspectives below. They are both at the ‘extreme’ish’ end of each spectrum but I did so in order to …Read more →