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Get This Right And Summer With The Kids Just Got A Whole Load Easier

June is here and with all that the end of the school year typically brings and summer on the horizon, I felt that a good theme for us to explore and tease out this month would be the subject of EXPECTATIONS. I’ll take a bet that there is not a parent reading this who expects a relaxing June because, knowing what we do about this time of year, it would be unrealistic! I’ll take another bet that almost every parent reading this has somewhat mixed emotions about the holidays. Yes? Excited but at the same time a tad apprehensive about having the kids around all day every day for two whole months? I hear you. I feel it too. I am hoping that by reading this blog and the following weekly tips pertaining to this, that you will be able to make this summer the best one yet. I believe that with a little bit of planning and organization, the overwhelming, busy, crazy-ness typical of June can be made a little easier. Here are a few ideas for you:  Do not schedule anything that does not HAVE to be done into June View your life as being FULL rather than …Read more →