The Most Successful Families Do This – Do You?

Welcome May and with a new month comes a new topic: Hosting Family Meetings Why is it that Spring always seems to spring upon us so quickly? It feels like we just celebrated the New Year! For many families, Spring usually brings a host of new schedules, a plethora of sports and activities, longer evenings that rapidly fill and for many of us, the novelty of it all soon wears out and it can all become a touch too much. The structures and routines we once had in place, that have sub-consciously brought us some form of comfort, can become lost in the Spring madness and busyness. This time of year can become somewhat overwhelming. So why a family meeting I hear you say! Isn’t there already enough in our diaries without adding more? Yes but no. They are really important and here’s why: When done well, Family Meetings become the backbone and safe place for the family. Think about any successful business or team and you will know where I’m going here. Each player knows their role, knows their position, knows the score, knows what is expected of them, is respectful of their team mates, knows the plan and …Read more →

Honoring and Trusting Enough

I have enough. I am satisfied. I have had enough. I can’t take any more. What is enough? When is enough is enough? How do you know? Enough is a very personal. Enough for one might not be enough for another. And another thing; what a ridiculous sounding word it is. Say it a few times and you might agree: Enough. Enough. Enough. Enough. Eenuff… It’s neither wonder our children find it hard to spell! Who came up with a rule to say that not only does a “ph” sound like an f but a “gh” does too? Enough. Oh to be able to consistently and intuitively know when I have had enough to nurture and nourish yet know when enough is enough in order to set boundaries to protect myself; to be able to recognize within myself when to stop or when to start. That’s heaven enough for me. Whether it be hunger, tolerating noise from my children, having an argument, feeling the rays of sunshine on my skin, sipping a cocktail, hours spent working or asking my child repeatedly to do the same thing over and over, I have to know when I have had enough to stop …Read more →

What All Parents Need To Know About Handling Unacceptable Behavior

For those of you who are signed up to receive my free online Parent Coaching Program, you will know that we have covered three parenting topics this year. January – We looked at ways to become more intentional in our parenting practice February – We focused on the HUGE benefits of Self-Care March – We developed some strategies to help us Shape Our Behavior and become more conscious With April upon us, I’d like to introduce you to the theme for the month and it’s a big one: Decoding And Shaping Our Children’s Behavior  What is behavior? How do you view behavior? How do you deal with unacceptable behavior? Does your approach work? Behavior is a means of communication. How I chose to respond or react to my children’s behavior and shape my resultant behavior will have a big impact on the choices that my children make regarding theirs. Which comes first? Does my child’s behavior trigger my behavior or does my behavior trigger my child’s? Interesting question… Children are not born knowing how to behave. As they develop they will try out many different “behaviors” to establish which ones work and which ones don’t. Their behavior evolves and changes …Read more →

It’s Not Our Children Who Need To Be Fixed!

As my children grow up, develop and change, I believe that I also need to evolve and change the way in which I interact with them and continually re-shape my ways of being in order to meet them where they are at. I don’t believe that it’s my children who need fixing but more my behaviors and the interactions I have with them! The foundation for all meaningful change is after all, self-change. With that in mind, I’d like to introduce the theme for this month in my Parent Coaching program: Shaping OUR Behavior In “The Conscious Parent” written by the amazing Dr Shefali Tsabary she highlights many profound and thought provoking points pertaining to how we can shape our behavior and become more conscious in our parenting practices: Our children are our greatest teachers – if we allow them Our children teach us to become what they need us to be We are raising ourselves to raise our children It is not our children who need “fixed” but more our ways of being and interacting with them Our children are our mirrors, they reflect us… Ever wonder why your children are not always respectful to you? Our children respond …Read more →

How To Keep Your Parenting Behaviors Working Towards Your Parenting Goals

As many of you know, January saw the start to my new Virtual Parent Coaching program. If you missed any of the weekly parenting tips (these are not posted on my blog) and would like to join me and receive them, please sign up HERE. January’s focus was around setting parenting goals for the up and coming year and becoming more intentional in our parenting practice. We finished January with the Raising Yourself Tip Of The Week: Making Sure That Your Parenting Practices Are Moving You Towards Your Goals After the holidays you were most probably pretty motivated and ready to embrace the New Year; a fresh start with new beginnings with you being more focused on you. You might have given up wine for the month, gone to the gym twice a week, started going to bed earlier, started meditating, made a conscious decision to work on something pertaining to your parenting practice. Whatever it was, I’m guessing that you felt PRETTY GOOD. You were energized. I’m curious: What do you think the effect of this was on your parenting practice during January? Did you feel more patient with your kids, have more energy, feel less over-whelmed? Many Moms …Read more →

Raise Yourself For Parenting Success and Make Your Dreams A Reality

Every parent wants to be the best parent. I have yet to meet a parent without the very best of intentions. We all intend to be the best parents we can be. However, over and over again, I see and coach parents who are not very intentional at all! Are you driving your kids everywhere but find yourself being driven by them? And many times driven up the wall and/or insane! Probably not what you intended? Are you tired of other people running your life? Do you want to be in the drivers seat and drive your own life? Do you want to become more intentional as a Parent? If so, here’s the plan. It works for me so I’m hoping that it will work for you too. At this time of the year many of the goals we might have set start to take a back seat, which is why I like to schedule about an hour of time, mid January, to put together a plan to form the foundation for my parenting practice for the year. I find that this hour really helps to set me up for success. It’s only an hour. I know – it’s so …Read more →

The Best New Year Resolution You Can Do For Your Kids

Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy New Year. I hope that it is one filled with connection, love, laughter and luck. However, I want it to be filled with more than that. Are you tired of drifting along with no real direction to your parenting? Always feel tired, busy and overwhelmed? This is a longer blog post than usual for me but if you want to make some significant changes to your parenting then hang in here. You won’t regret it. This is the best thing that you will ever give your kids. Over the course of this year, I would like to coach you through the parenting challenges that you will undoubtedly face. Some of these challenges may be repeat ones and some of them will be new as your children move into different phases of their lives. I want to spend this year with you. Side by side. Holding you accountable. Asking you questions and being the reminder you need to help you stay on track as you navigate the twists and turns and the ups and downs that come with being a parent. Through my blogs, emails, workshops and …Read more →

Shaping My Behavior To Meet My Children’s Needs

I recently had the privilege of attending a workshop run by Dr Shefali Tsabary, the author of “The Conscious Parent”. It was incredible. It was truly transformational. Dr Shefali is not only hypnotizingly beautiful, inside and out, but mesmerizingly eloquent and clear with her message to me:  My children are my greatest teachers – if I allow them My children teach me to become what they need me to be I am raising myself to raise my children – I am not raising my children It is not my children who need “fixed” it is me My children respond to me in the only way they know how They respond in a way to meet their needs Parent moment to moment Meet the AS IS of the situation with no judgment or agenda Parent from essence and abundance, not ego and lack On the cover of this outstanding book, running parallel, in between the words in the title, “The Conscious Parent”, are two, powerful smaller lines of text: transforming ourselves  empowering our children  “How do I do this? How do I become more conscious?” Parent from a place of what IS, not what IF… Parent from abundance, not lack Honor …Read more →

Shaping Our Parenting Behavior For Report Cards

Last week I wrote about report cards and invited you to really think about what they mean for you. Today, I’m going to focus on the impact that our chosen response might have on our children surrounding their report cards and how we can shape our behavior positively. “Hey Mom, did you get my report card?” asked my son yesterday “Yes I did, it came last Friday” “How did I do?” “Have you seen it yet?” “No!” “Oh, sorry, I thought you’d seen it at school. Here it is, when you have read it you can tell me what you think of it?” This is exactly how the conversation with my son played out last week. I had actually read the report a few days prior to him asking me but had totally overlooked it in the busyness of life… When we did discuss it, I made a huge effort to consciously shape my behavior and response to one of encouragement. The subsequent conversation we had was highly productive and positive. I’d like you to take a look at the two perspectives below. They are both at the ‘extreme’ish’ end of each spectrum but I did so in order to …Read more →

Report Cards – ‘A’ Grades and Brussels Sprouts… you can’t force them!

Over the last few weeks I have been writing about Conscious Parenting and how we can become more conscious and aware in our parenting practice. In a recent post, I spoke specifically about our own parenting behavior and how our inner landscape profoundly influences our outer way of being. Remember the iceberg slide? Today I am going to discuss reports cards because believe it or not, they are on the horizon. As such, I wanted to take some time to reflect and hopefully give you some ideas for becoming a more conscious parent pertaining to this. Earlier this year, just before the end of the summer term, I happened to have six Grade 7 students in my car and they had all just received their report cards: “How many A’s did you get?” piped up one boy “5 – Why?” “I get $50 for every A I get” he replied! “Really? I don’t get cash for A’s…. That means you get $250!!” “How many A’s did you get?” asked another kid “None” replied the child quietly. “None, you mean you didn’t even get one A – wow” That night at dinner my son asked me why we didn’t pay him …Read more →