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Shaping Our Parenting Behavior For Report Cards

Last week I wrote about report cards and invited you to really think about what they mean for you. Today, I’m going to focus on the impact that our chosen response might have on our children surrounding their report cards and how we can shape our behavior positively. “Hey Mom, did you get my report card?” asked my son yesterday “Yes I did, it came last Friday” “How did I do?” “Have you seen it yet?” “No!” “Oh, sorry, I thought you’d seen it at school. Here it is, when you have read it you can tell me what you think of it?” This is exactly how the conversation with my son played out last week. I had actually read the report a few days prior to him asking me but had totally overlooked it in the busyness of life… When we did discuss it, I made a huge effort to consciously shape my behavior and response to one of encouragement. The subsequent conversation we had was highly productive and positive. I’d like you to take a look at the two perspectives below. They are both at the ‘extreme’ish’ end of each spectrum but I did so in order to …Read more →

Report Cards – ‘A’ Grades and Brussels Sprouts… you can’t force them!

Over the last few weeks I have been writing about Conscious Parenting and how we can become more conscious and aware in our parenting practice. In a recent post, I spoke specifically about our own parenting behavior and how our inner landscape profoundly influences our outer way of being. Remember the iceberg slide? Today I am going to discuss reports cards because believe it or not, they are on the horizon. As such, I wanted to take some time to reflect and hopefully give you some ideas for becoming a more conscious parent pertaining to this. Earlier this year, just before the end of the summer term, I happened to have six Grade 7 students in my car and they had all just received their report cards: “How many A’s did you get?” piped up one boy “5 – Why?” “I get $50 for every A I get” he replied! “Really? I don’t get cash for A’s…. That means you get $250!!” “How many A’s did you get?” asked another kid “None” replied the child quietly. “None, you mean you didn’t even get one A – wow” That night at dinner my son asked me why we didn’t pay him …Read more →


Homework…………. just the mention of the word is enough to raise the hairs. What is it with homework, why does it cause so much anxiety in so many homes? The first question I like to ask parents is “whose homework is it?” and the second question I often ask is “what role do you play in the process?” I think we all have to ask ourselves the question “What purpose does homework really serve?” and of course the answer to this lies largely with the individual teachers and the homework policy in your school. I like to put homework into three categories: Homework given for the sake of giving homework Work to be done at home that for whatever reason cannot be done during school or supplements that which is being done at school Work to be done at home to give students an opportunity to work alone and manage time What I call “constructive homework” (2 and 3 above) can teach children a myriad of things about life in general and many life skills. As parents, we need to take the time to explain to our children the purpose homework serves and get them to see the potential benefits …Read more →