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Private Sessions

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In your private session you will receive parenting advice and tools to help equip you to address your parenting challenges and rebalance things in your home. You will leave the session feeling less over-whelmed with a firm belief in yourself and your role and a plan to address the challenge. You will be energized and motivated to be proactive, move forward and become the parent you want to be.

Each session will be followed up with a written summary which you will receive via email.

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Group Parenting Classes more info

The idea is simple, you create the group and arrange a venue and we will deliver the 8 x 1.5 hour sessions, Adlerian Parenting Course to you.

Combining like-minded individuals and / or couples together creates a group who will bond well together and be receptive to acquiring new parenting skills and having some fun in a dynamic learning environment. This course is guaranteed to take your parenting skills to a new level and spark a new-found enthusiasm in you to be the best parent you can be.

This course works well when the 8 sessions are taken about once every 3 to 4 weeks throughout the school calendar year. This parenting education model is often so successful (and addictive) that the delegates sign up for another year; there are some groups who have been running like this for years! This teaching format works especially well when the ages of the children concerned are within a few years of each other.

For more details on course content, please click here. For information on booking this, please contact us here. If you are interested in signing up for one of these classes but don’t have a group, send us a registration form for us to keep on file and we will keep you posted on any classes that may be running that require delegates. We look forward to hearing from you.

Lecture Series

Listed below are 4 lectures that we give to parents. These are ideal for Elementary Schools and their guest speaker series arranged by PAC’s, Preschools, Mom Groups and groups of pro-active parents who simply want some fresh ideas for their parenting repetoire. These can be booked as one off events or as a series. To book a lecture or for more details please click here to contact us

  • Kids and their Devices

How long should they play, when should they play, play dates and devices, devices in the bedrooms……..? The list of questions for parents is daunting and endless and the worry about how to manage it all is a realistic one. In this one hour lecture parents will have many of their questions answered and will leave with a plan as to how to manage device use so that the family controls the devices rather than the devices controlling them.

  • Raising Happy & Successful Children

How do we cultivate happiness in our kids and give them what it takes in order for them to be successful? Parents will learn in this one hour lecture that many of the answers lie within themselves and their values. You will leave this lecture motivated to try new things, encouraged to make some changes and armed with  some new parenting skills and ideas to help you on your journey.

  • The Perils of Praise

Have you ever given much thought as to the difference between Encouragement and Praise and the effects that each may have on your child and their developing sense of self? In this powerful one hour lecture you will gain a new understanding of the power of encouragement and the perils of praise and how one can help and the other hinder.

  • Limits and Boundaries

“Research has shown that one of the main factors involved in adolescent dysfunction is a lack of firm limits” – Madeline Levine

Children need limits and boundaries and need to develop the capacity to be able to stay within them. Being able to do this teaches them skills that will see them well throughout their lives. In this one hour lecture, parents will learn how to set limits that are respected and taken seriously, all the while being able to remain kind and connected to their children – the key ingredients to setting limits with success.


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