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Christmas is a time for giving

It is our job as parents to teach our children to learn and appreciate the value of giving: that it is ultimately more rewarding than receiving. First and foremost, over the holidays, try and create lots of opportunity for family time to fill up your child’s connection and belonging cup. The more of you they get, the less they will need to turn to materialistic things to satisfy themselves. This in itself will encourage them to look outward rather than seeing it as being all about them and what they stand to gain. Some ideas as to how to do this: Plenty of family time Volunteer some time to a good cause. As a family you could offer to help in a soup kitchen or organize a gift drive or winter coat drive Decide as a family which charity you might like to donate to this year and make a family donation You might donate some Christmas gifts to an organization that specializes in this You could have a family bake day and give some to your neighbors, your Doctor, your Dentist or other people who help you throughout the year You could make some cards and presents. Homemade gifts …Read more →