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How To Break Those Bad Holiday Parenting Habits

Habit #1: Not taking care of yourself The summer holidays are in full swing: five weeks in with three to go. We are all very much in holiday mode and I’m lovin’ it… kind of… I love having my kids home with me. I love the no schedules, no rush, the freedom. But it comes at a price. I am only getting the bare minimum of work done which is not quite enough! My exercise routine has slipped a bit. I am eating way too well (and by well I do not mean healthy!). And, that 6pm Margarita is taking its toll. The end of the day comes round and the feeling of not having got more work done is often frustrating. Not only that, it can make me feel de-energized, demotivated and tired. This happens to me when I do not take care of my own basic needs and give myself what I know I need to refuel, renew, restore and charge my battery. Have you asked yourself what it is that stops you from taking care of yourself? Is it the Mommy guilt and is it worse during the holidays? You are not alone. It gets to almost …Read more →