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The Thing I Wish I Hadn’t Said

Parenting Habit #2: Saying something and not following through with it Many of the parents I support tell me that they find this habit particularly frustrating and say they do it more during school holidays than term time. This makes me curious! Why more in the holidays? The only thing I can come up with is this. We are often more relaxed and chilled during the holidays. There are usually fewer limits, there is often more freedom, winging it and going with the flow. As a result of this, things can suddenly get pushed too far and BOOM… we snap. Sound familiar? “I wish that I had not said it because I know that I will never be able to follow through with it” I ask them for examples of the sorts of things that they say: “If you do that again we will have to go home… NOW ….” – impossible in the circumstances! “That’s it, you are NEVER using the iPad again…” – as if that’s going to happen! “Next time you go out you will have to come home earlier…” and next time comes round and I forget! If you find yourself nodding your head while reading …Read more →