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Raise Yourself For Parenting Success and Make Your Dreams A Reality

Every parent wants to be the best parent. I have yet to meet a parent without the very best of intentions. We all intend to be the best parents we can be. However, over and over again, I see and coach parents who are not very intentional at all! Are you driving your kids everywhere but find yourself being driven by them? And many times driven up the wall and/or insane! Probably not what you intended? Are you tired of other people running your life? Do you want to be in the drivers seat and drive your own life? Do you want to become more intentional as a Parent? If so, here’s the plan. It works for me so I’m hoping that it will work for you too. At this time of the year many of the goals we might have set start to take a back seat, which is why I like to schedule about an hour of time, mid January, to put together a plan to form the foundation for my parenting practice for the year. I find that this hour really helps to set me up for success. It’s only an hour. I know – it’s so …Read more →

The Best New Year Resolution You Can Do For Your Kids

Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy New Year. I hope that it is one filled with connection, love, laughter and luck. However, I want it to be filled with more than that. Are you tired of drifting along with no real direction to your parenting? Always feel tired, busy and overwhelmed? This is a longer blog post than usual for me but if you want to make some significant changes to your parenting then hang in here. You won’t regret it. This is the best thing that you will ever give your kids. Over the course of this year, I would like to coach you through the parenting challenges that you will undoubtedly face. Some of these challenges may be repeat ones and some of them will be new as your children move into different phases of their lives. I want to spend this year with you. Side by side. Holding you accountable. Asking you questions and being the reminder you need to help you stay on track as you navigate the twists and turns and the ups and downs that come with being a parent. Through my blogs, emails, workshops and …Read more →