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How To Keep Your Parenting Behaviors Working Towards Your Parenting Goals

As many of you know, January saw the start to my new Virtual Parent Coaching program. If you missed any of the weekly parenting tips (these are not posted on my blog) and would like to join me and receive them, please sign up HERE. January’s focus was around setting parenting goals for the up and coming year and becoming more intentional in our parenting practice. We finished January with the Raising Yourself Tip Of The Week: Making Sure That Your Parenting Practices Are Moving You Towards Your Goals After the holidays you were most probably pretty motivated and ready to embrace the New Year; a fresh start with new beginnings with you being more focused on you. You might have given up wine for the month, gone to the gym twice a week, started going to bed earlier, started meditating, made a conscious decision to work on something pertaining to your parenting practice. Whatever it was, I’m guessing that you felt PRETTY GOOD. You were energized. I’m curious: What do you think the effect of this was on your parenting practice during January? Did you feel more patient with your kids, have more energy, feel less over-whelmed? Many Moms …Read more →