Monthly Archives: March 2016

It’s Not Our Children Who Need To Be Fixed!

As my children grow up, develop and change, I believe that I also need to evolve and change the way in which I interact with them and continually re-shape my ways of being in order to meet them where they are at. I don’t believe that it’s my children who need fixing but more my behaviors and the interactions I have with them! The foundation for all meaningful change is after all, self-change. With that in mind, I’d like to introduce the theme for this month in my Parent Coaching program: Shaping OUR Behavior In “The Conscious Parent” written by the amazing Dr Shefali Tsabary she highlights many profound and thought provoking points pertaining to how we can shape our behavior and become more conscious in our parenting practices: Our children are our greatest teachers – if we allow them Our children teach us to become what they need us to be We are raising ourselves to raise our children It is not our children who need “fixed” but more our ways of being and interacting with them Our children are our mirrors, they reflect us… Ever wonder why your children are not always respectful to you? Our children respond …Read more →