Monthly Archives: April 2016

Honoring and Trusting Enough

I have enough. I am satisfied. I have had enough. I can’t take any more. What is enough? When is enough is enough? How do you know? Enough is a very personal. Enough for one might not be enough for another. And another thing; what a ridiculous sounding word it is. Say it a few times and you might agree: Enough. Enough. Enough. Enough. Eenuff… It’s neither wonder our children find it hard to spell! Who came up with a rule to say that not only does a “ph” sound like an f but a “gh” does too? Enough. Oh to be able to consistently and intuitively know when I have had enough to nurture and nourish yet know when enough is enough in order to set boundaries to protect myself; to be able to recognize within myself when to stop or when to start. That’s heaven enough for me. Whether it be hunger, tolerating noise from my children, having an argument, feeling the rays of sunshine on my skin, sipping a cocktail, hours spent working or asking my child repeatedly to do the same thing over and over, I have to know when I have had enough to stop …Read more →

What All Parents Need To Know About Handling Unacceptable Behavior

For those of you who are signed up to receive my free online Parent Coaching Program, you will know that we have covered three parenting topics this year. January – We looked at ways to become more intentional in our parenting practice February – We focused on the HUGE benefits of Self-Care March – We developed some strategies to help us Shape Our Behavior and become more conscious With April upon us, I’d like to introduce you to the theme for the month and it’s a big one: Decoding And Shaping Our Children’s Behavior  What is behavior? How do you view behavior? How do you deal with unacceptable behavior? Does your approach work? Behavior is a means of communication. How I chose to respond or react to my children’s behavior and shape my resultant behavior will have a big impact on the choices that my children make regarding theirs. Which comes first? Does my child’s behavior trigger my behavior or does my behavior trigger my child’s? Interesting question… Children are not born knowing how to behave. As they develop they will try out many different “behaviors” to establish which ones work and which ones don’t. Their behavior evolves and changes …Read more →