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The Biggest Obstruction To The Parent Child Relationship? Parental Fear

The theme this month is going to be on unraveling our FEARS and the HUGE role and impact that fear has on our parenting. You might be thinking to yourself: “Fear, what fears, I’m not scared… What is there to be afraid of?” According to Dr Shefali Tsabary the author of The Conscious Parent, Out of Control and The Awakened Family: “The rise of the parental ego is the fundamental obstruction between parents and their children”. She strongly believes that: “Fear is the cornerstone of all our reactive emotions and reactive energy, especially around our loved ones. Even our angry or worried reactions”. It is our fears that drive our inner voice, our ego and it is for much of the time that this voice drives us. Being conscious of this and being willing to be aware of this is THE only way in which to prevent it. Dr Shefali has really helped me understand this and I hope that I can help you. Our inner voice is always with us. However, it is only when we develop an awareness for it (an inner voice/ego radar detector or EgoGPS) for when it is in the driver’s seat, taking us down …Read more →