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Why Judgment Is So Toxic In Our Parenting

I recently read a book called “Judgment Detox” by Gabrielle Bernstein and it was thought-provoking and a worthwhile read, especially from a parenting perspective. No matter how big or small, whatever way you look at it, judgment is judgment. And when it shows up in our parenting it is toxic. It never bodes well.  Since reading this book, I have been decoding and deciphering my judgment and trying to understand just why I do it, why it is so seductive and destructive. It has been so helpful. Why do I do it? I judge or make an assumption about something or someone in order to try and understand it or them. I NEED to understand something in order to feel in control because not knowing is a highly uncomfortable and vulnerable place to be. I think that as parents, it is something we all fall into the trap of doing. We judge. Why we do it will be different for all of us. But, I can almost guarantee that if you are a parent reading this, that you will, in some way shape or form, judge your kids! What do I do and how does judgment come into play? I make an …Read more →