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The Ultimate Parenting Upgrade

Do you feel your parenting could do with an upgrade? You upgrade your phone so why not upgrade your parenting! I know that there are many parents out there today struggling, and I honestly believe many of them, unnecessarily. If you are here, you might be one of them? Are you tired of feeling frustrated and overwhelmed? Negotiating, arguing, nagging and cajoling? Kids on their devices All.The.Time? Kiddos not listening? Going to bed too late? Rushing around All.The.Time? Tired. Tired. Tired. It breaks my heart to see the negative effect that this is having on children today. I hear of children who are still being punished and not thriving while their parents continue to repeat what is not working because they do not know that there is another way. I hear of children who are lying and being manipulative, children struggling to be heard, who are under incredible pressure to achieve, be successful and happy yet simply don’t know how to behave. And we wonder why the rates of childhood anxiety and depression are at an all-time high! It doesn’t have to be this way. And truly, it doesn’t take much to turn it all around and I can absolutely …Read more →