About Me

Whilst most people agree, raising children is one of the most rewarding journeys we can embark on during life, we also recognize that parenting remains one of the most challenging.

We think that it is fair to say that the ultimate goal of most parents is to parent their child in such a way as to build a solid connected relationship with them and instill in them a set of skills and competencies that will serve them well as they make the journey into adulthood. In today’s world, now more than ever, parents need guidance to make the most of navigating their journey with continued success.

YPP can help you become a more democratic parent (sometimes known as backbone parenting) and above all be a better parent to your child. Adlerian or Democratic Parenting, the “Let me guide you” approach, is the style we follow, a model based on principles by Alfred Adler, the founder of Adlerian Parenting. Adlerian Parenting is one of the pre-eminent parenting styles being adopted by parents today. It is gaining rapid popularity because of its relevance to modern parenting issues and because, quite simply, it works.

YPP offers you a partner to guide you on your parenting journey particularly through the challenging times, to motivate and stimulate you to be proactive in your approach and style and also to be aware of the challenges that will undoubtedly lie ahead of you. We equip you with the parenting tools and skills required to address and solve all your parenting challenges.

The impact of this style on you, the parent, and your child will be profoundly positive.

Impact on the parent

  • Stronger connection and improved relationship with your child
  • Consistent parenting style
  • A firm but kind, caring approach that brings success
  • Gain a bank of parenting tools to equip you to solve parenting problems
  • Instill in your child core skills, competencies and values to help them become confident, respectful, caring and responsible individuals

Impact on the child

  • Security in relationship, connection and attachment with parents
  • Development of a sense of self worth and self esteem
  • Opportunity to develop the vital core skills, competencies and values essential for success