Hi, thanks for popping by!

I am the proud mum to three incredible teenage souls who have been, and will continue to be, the greatest teachers in my life.

Let’s face it though, being a parent is tough.

It’s way tougher and messier than I ever thought it would be. It’s mucky and at times can be positively s#*tty! It has challenged me like nothing I could have ever imagined: It can bring out the worst in me, a part of me that is scary. And yet, at the same time, because it is so amazing, awesome and the Best. Thing. Ever, it feels so good!

Why then can it be such a challenge?

I think it is because parenting IS a roller coaster ride but life conditions us to only want and accept the ups; the glossy, shiny, nice parts and, to believe that there is something wrong when it is otherwise. We want to be happy all the time. We want our kids to be happy all the time and never fight! We want to be successful and are terrified of failure. We want grapes with no seeds. We want the technology but we don’t want our kids to be on their devices! We want the rose without the thorns.

I know. I have been there. For years and years, I was trapped in this cycle, lapping up the good and fighting the not so good. The kids are so great – I love being a Mom, I’ve totally got this, to; The kids are demons – I hate this, I’ve turned into a raging beast of a Mom, again. Continually going from life is so amazing to oh my goodness, why is it soooo hard. On and on. Good day, bad day. 

However, resisting, bypassing, or doing nothing to move on through the muck just doesn’t work because Nothing. Ever. Changes. You know this, right? The demon kids and the raging beast just keep turning up!

This was my life.

Then it changed.

It changed when I got my head around two things:

  • Accepting that life is what it is (sounds so obvious here, but I was resisting it), and;
  • The only thing that I could change was ME

Up to that point, I had been totally resisting the reality of my life (and we all know that what we resist persists, so in a nutshell, the s#*tiness continued). And, my attempts at finding solutions were skewed; I was trying to “fix and change” things that I didn’t stand a chance of changing. 

When I took ownership of this, it all changed.

I had to fix it from the inside. By that, I mean I had to do the inner work; be intentional and take action. It was not my kids who needed fixing, it was me! Like many parents, my parenting fix it’s were outside in and externally focused, when they needed to be the complete opposite.

You are probably here because you are finding it hard. You are probably like I was, maybe running a business, running the home, doing it all, feeling guilty for being at work and guilty for being with your kids and not knowing which way is up. You are looking for the fix?

I can help you.

Will it be a quick fix? I’d be lying if I said yes, but, I can tell you that there is a way and I can help you find it. I have the “prescription”!

I’ve helped so many parents find a better way. Here’s what Renee F had to say:

I am very grateful to have found you via your blog!  I found it at a particularly trying time for our family.  When we had our initial consultation I was feeling overwhelmed and a tad helpless as to how to help my 3 year old daughter who is suffering from some anxiety and striving to control her environment. This was significantly impacting all of us.  What I discovered through our sessions together is that it really is not about my daughter at all, but it’s really about my reaction to her and the situation.  This was really a pivotal moment for me.  Generally, being a professional dealing with people daily, I thought I understood energy and impact on others, etc. However, looking at my reactions as a sleep deprived Mom at 3:00AM, modifying my reaction to those tough situations has made a Dramatic difference in our lives. I’m proud to report that we are all sleeping through the night and are much happier!  While I reached out about my 3 year old, I also gained knowledge to be a better parent to my 9 year old. I am learning to accept the “As Is” (tough for this type A chick), but it really makes so much sense.  And when I accept it, my responses are healthier to my kids. Through just 4 short sessions, I feel that I have gained practical skills on how to be a better parent that have made all the difference for me.  Thank you for your time and your help.  You are so easy to work with that it made the process more like chatting with a friend! I’m keeping your number handy for the future.  I’m sure I’ll need more practical advice as we move to the future stages! Thank you for Everything! Renee F

I know what life as a mum is like on the brighter, lighter side. Let me take you there and guide you to step into your awesomeness. You have what it takes. You do!

When you do the inner work, you will shine in your brilliance and you will manage the roller coaster that IS life as a parent with more grace and ease. What better gift to give yourself and your child!

It is my mission to help you find a better way.

If I can do it, so can you.

Partnering you,


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