A note from the founder

Welcome to my web site. My name is Louise Clarke, and I set up “Your Parenting Partner” to offer parents exactly that: a partner in parenting, particularly during the challenging times.


As a parent of three children (a daughter age 14; boys 16 and 12), my husband and I were very fortunate to find a parenting coach while our children were very young. We were guided on our parenting journey, helped to find solutions to everyday parenting challenges and educated in the process of being proactive in our approach to parenting. It was without doubt one of the best things that we have done together. We reap the benefits of the advice and guidance we were given everyday in the interactions and relationships we have with our children and ourselves. Above all, we see and experience our children developing a value system and skill set that we believe to be essential to them growing up to be well rounded, adaptable, resilient, grounded, self-directed and respectful individuals.

This parent coaching was my inspiration to be the best parent for my children. It also gave me the desire to help other parents do the same and put the joy back into their lives as parents.

At YPP, our goal is to work with parents to create positive changes for them and their children.

Partnering You