Back To School – Back To YOU!

Here on the West coast of Canada, many of us are on the “Back To School” countdown. My kids have 10 days of holidays left. That means that I have 9 days to prepare for it!

The lists keep growing and as much as I don’t want the holidays to end, deep down, I know I am ready to get back into my full work rhythm. However, if I am not careful, I can get totally lost and submerged in all the busyness.

This is exactly why the September theme in The Conscious Family Organizer is Fresh Start.

During the summer holidays, as much as it has been good to be off the grid, we have not usually had much time to ourselves and have kind of got used to it? Yes?

Come September, this is not the best place to find ourselves…

We get by on less time to ourselves during the holidays because it is the “holidays”. However, now that the holidays are coming to an end, “time for you” needs a jump start to get you off to a fresh start. If you leave it as it is, trust me, the next few months will come and go, it will suddenly be December and then it will be the New Year and you will still be caught up and lost in the busyness.

To be on top of our game, for ourselves and for our children, we have to give to ourselves. I know, you hear “self-care” all the time these days and you know that you should do it, but it’s hard. I get it. There’s always a seemingly good reason to not do it. Something “more” important. Please hear me out on this: there is nothing more important. It is the least selfish of acts and we all have to do it. Like have to!

What self-care practices are you going to kick off with?

For me, the best thing I can do for myself is meditate. It is hands down the most rejuvenating thing I can do for myself. And, as well as this, a few times a day I STOP and consciously tap into the present moment. I press pause and find my breath. I slow down. I focus on ME.

This is what helps inspires me to go for the hike, get down to some serious work, savour the taste of and be appreciative of an afternoon cup of tea, commit to my yoga practice (aka put it in my organizer because then I will go), make a healthy dinner and simply treasure and lap up just BEING.

This moment of BEING, of silence, fuels my creativity and inspiration for life.

What are you going to do to find some space for YOU?

This month I want to help you transition to finding some space for YOU in your busy life as a parent. Let’s face it, life is busy but when we slow down and nourish ourselves, the busyness is never so bad.

Throughout September, in The Conscious Parent Community Facebook Group, in conjunction with The Conscious Family Organizer, I’m going to be giving you more ideas to help you get off to a Fresh Start, create space, find ways to get back on the “self-care” wagon, honour your “time for you” practices and intentions and put some joy and ease back into your life.

Here’s to making September all about YOU. Because trust me, doing so will help you be the parent your child needs you to be!

Are you ready to make a Fresh Start? I know I am and I’d love for you to join me. Start by purchasing your copy of The Conscious Family Organizer here.

I’ll see you in The Conscious Parent Community Facebook Group where you will receive parent support all year long. It’s going to be awesome!

Consciously Yours,


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