Back To School, It’s Time For YOU?


The kids are back to school and it’s busy… Every year I expect that somehow life will instantaneously and miraculously become easier because the kids are out the house and back at school but it never seems to work out that way!

There is so much to do, arrange, organize, buy, set up. The list just never gets shorter. Add to this, for many of us, the schedules then kick in and the driving starts and it can leave us feeling with that urrrggghhhhh feeling all over again.

At this time of the year, if we are not careful, WE can get lost in all the busyness. So, with that said, the theme for this month is going to be on how you can create some space for YOU.

In order to be on top of our game, both for ourselves and for our children, we have to give to ourselves. I know, you hear “self-care” all the time these days and you know that you should do it, but how many of us actually commit to it?

We need to pay attention to this. We need to be aware of how WE are, what we are doing, how much we are DOING and more importantly HOW we are BEING and if in fact we get any chance to simply BE. 

During the summer holidays, as much as it has been good to be off the grid, more often than not, we have not had much time to ourselves and have kind of got used to it? Yes?

Come September, this is not the best place to find ourselves…

We got by on less time to ourselves during the holidays because it was the “holidays”, however, for most of us, the holidays have ended. That means “time for you” needs re-igniting. If you leave it as it is, trust me, the months will march by, it will suddenly be December and then it will be the New Year and you will still be caught up and lost in the busyness.

Last week, I set my intentions for changing this pattern and reinstating time for ME. So, today for example, I put my fingers down from the keyboard and took myself off for a beautiful hike. I still had work to do but I knew that I would be in a better space having had a hike rather than done another hour’s work. And I was right. The day got better. It doesn’t have to be a hike but it has to be something whether it be for one minute or sixty minutes.

This month I want to help you transition to finding some space for YOU in your busy life as a parent. Let’s face it, life is busy but when we nourish ourselves, the busyness is never so bad.

The thing that I find works well for me is this:

A few times a day I like to STOP and consciously tap into the present moment. I press pause and find my breath. I slow down. I focus on ME.

I ask myself these questions:

  • What can I hear?
  • What can I smell?
  • What is happening in my body? My chest, stomach, head and feet? I add feet because when I switch the focus of my attention to my feet it helps me take my mind to the place furthest from itself! This is a good thing.
  • What do I feel?

The most amazing thing about doing this, is that you will find that when you are tapped into the right here, right now, your mind is hijacked from all future orientated things: The should’s, must’s, ought to’s, need to’s, worries, doubts and fears.

When we escape this and the non-stop chattering of our minds for just a few minutes each day, it feels good.

THIS seemingly little thing is what helps inspire me to go for the hike, savour the taste of and be appreciative of an afternoon cup of tea, commit to my yoga practice (aka put it in my calendar because then I will go), make a healthy dinner and simply treasure and lap up just BEING.

This moment of BEING, of silence, fuels my creativity and inspiration.

What are you going to do to find some space for YOU?

Why don’t you schedule a couple of things into your calendars to help you commit to actually doing it.

Over the course of the next three weeks I’m going to be giving you more ideas to help you create space, find ways to get back on the “self-care” wagon, honour your “time for you” practices and intentions and put some joy and ease back into your life.

Here’s to making September all about YOU. Because trust me, doing so will help you be the parent your child needs you to be!

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