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The Most Successful Families Do This – Do You?

Welcome May and with a new month comes a new topic: Hosting Family Meetings Why is it that Spring always seems to spring upon us so quickly? It feels like we just celebrated the New Year! For many families, Spring usually brings a host of new schedules, a plethora of sports and activities, longer evenings that rapidly fill and for many of us, the novelty of it all soon wears out and it can all become a touch too much. The structures and routines we once had in place, that have sub-consciously brought us some form of comfort, can become lost in the Spring madness and busyness. This time of year can become somewhat overwhelming. So why a family meeting I hear you say! Isn’t there already enough in our diaries without adding more? Yes but no. They are really important and here’s why: When done well, Family Meetings become the backbone and safe place for the family. Think about any successful business or team and you will know where I’m going here. Each player knows their role, knows their position, knows the score, knows what is expected of them, is respectful of their team mates, knows the plan and …Read more →

New Year Resolution – Family Meetings

Family Meetings can provide a great place for families to improve on communication skills and give everyone an opportunity to be heard thereby instilling a greater sense of belonging. They offer a safe place to solve problems, share concerns, listen to other people’s opinions, discuss schedules, plan vacations, divide up chores, role-model respectful relationships and a whole host of other positive things. If you have never had a family meeting, here are a few ideas for getting yourself started: Select a day and time which the family can regularly commit to. Lighting candles, using talking feathers during the meeting and having a special dessert or family game night afterwards can all work well to help create a relaxing atmosphere and an occasion to look forward to. To start the meeting, begin with some appreciations. For example, go round in a circle and say something encouraging about the person to your right or say something that you were proud to have achieved during the week. Then discuss and come to an agreement about a fun family activity for the week. Close the meeting. This sets the scene for a meeting that is non-confrontational, positive and a fun place to be. After …Read more →