What core skills do you think children need to thrive today? Have you ever really considered that you may be parenting to an ineffective, redundant parenting model that is not reflective of today’s needs? Have you really given much thought to how your parenting style might be negatively impacting your children developing the key life skills and competencies required TODAY? These are all questions that I believe all parents today really should be thinking about.

In a world that is constantly changing, we are constantly having to adapt to change: there are advantages and disadvantages to this. The good – more information invites us to consider new things which means that we can embrace the new that resonates with us, which helps us to adapt, grow stronger and develop resilience but when there are so many things changing it can become overwhelming.

The thought provoking excellent blog I refer to and have posted a link to below, highlights all the new things and processes that are being considered and implemented to help nudge the education system forward in a direction that is more in alignment with developing the key skills children require TODAY. This blog highlights beautifully, many core skills and values that are finally being considered as being critically important for the children of TODAY.

Chris Kennedy is the Superintendent for the West Vancouver School District and is rated as one of the most influential figures in Canadian education today. I would love to invite you and would encourage you to read his recent blog and ask you to read it through a “parenting lens ” and imagine everything that is said and apply it to your parenting system. It will only take you a couple of minutes and who knows it may well change your life as a parent for the better!

Chris Kennedy’s latest blog

What did you think? If it resonated with you in this capacity, ask yourself this:

  • Do you think you are parenting to this model or perhaps to one that doesn’t reflect and resonate with your children developing the core skills and values required of them TODAY?
  • Are you parenting to cooperation over competition, to encouragement over praise, to respect over disrespect, to noticing effort and improvement over praise and the actual result?
  • Are you parenting to instil resilience, responsibility, capability over inadvertently denying your child the capacity to develop it?

It is reassuring to know that some education systems are now waking up to this and trying to make changes that are reflective of this age in time and not for an industrial age that no longer exists.

I feel that today, just as Kennedy stated, we all have much of the information we need but it is what are we doing with it, or not, that is key. With regard to your parenting:

  • Do you think this knowledge or way of viewing things might change your parenting style and take you towards your desired parenting goals or towards achieving your preferred reality?
  • If not, what might you do to help you achieve this?
  • If you have been aware of this for some time, have you changed your parenting style to accommodate this and has it been to positive effect? I’d love to hear from you.

For those of you who read this information as “new” and for whom it resonates with, I hope that it might inspire you to make some changes that will take you to where you might prefer to be. If you feel that in order to really do this with success you feel that you may need a coach to help you, please give me a call.

Dare to dream.

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