Make Your Breath Your BFF

In last week’s blog post, You Have What You Need… You Just Don’t Know It, I discussed how I meditate. Big picture.

There are many different ways in which to meditate: Using the Breath, TM Meditation uses a mantra, there is sound meditation and walking meditation to name but a few.

I choose to use my breath.

Before I started using my breath to meditate, I simply thought of my breath as being the means to breathe and stay alive!

Oh-my-goodness, have I come to appreciate just how much more there is to my breath? It is so much more than just air!

  • It mirrors the cyclical nature of life itself; it has a beginning, a middle and an end.
  • It rises within me and fades to nothing just like a wave kissing the sand.
  • It is my anchor to presence.
  • It connects the internal with the external.
  • It connects me to the air I need.
  • We all breath from the same ONE air, it therefore exemplifies the fact we are “One”.
  • It is with me wherever I am, so I can tune into it at any moment.
  • It is mesmerizing. Hypnotic.
  • It is endless yet it is finite.
  • It connects me to the present moment like nothing else can.
  • It is to be treasured.
  • It is life.

Without our breath, what are we?

Hopefully you can now see and appreciate how taking your focus of attention to your breath, will bring you to the present moment like nothing else can. Your mind cannot be worrying about the past or the future when focused to your breath. It is like magic. I discussed this in last week’s Mindful Monday LIVE Facebook session. You can watch it HERE now.

This is why I find The Breath such a powerful meditation tool. I can use it anytime, anywhere. I do not need anything else. Just me and it. I don’t need a special corner, cushion, candle, mat or special place.

My breath is my special place, within me. Noticing it is what brings me such peace. 

My goal is to keep strengthening my “Awareness Of My Mind” (AOMM) muscle so that I can use my breath to its maximum potential.

As I read this out loud, AOMM, and sounded it out loud, ah-oh-mm, it stopped me in my tracks. By some coincidence, or maybe not…. It sounds very like Ohm.

Ohm or Aum is both a sound and a symbol rich in meaning and depth. It is said to be both the sound of the creation of the universe, and the sound of silence. It represents both the highest level of divinity and the path to enlightenment. Ohm is often used as a yogic chant to calm the mind, create a peaceful setting or achieve a higher level of consciousness.” Todd Maternowsk.

How cool is that?

I want to keep using my breath in meditation so that my AOMM muscle starts to work at other times in the day when I am not meditating. So that I am able to more quickly notice when my mind is not focused on the present moment.

It works.

I am so much more aware of my mind. I am better at minding my mind. In doing this, it helps me find presence in order to be more mindful. You can’t be mindful if you can’t find presence. And you won’t find presence unless you are aware of when you are not!

And so it is that your breath and your awareness are your most powerful parenting tools. Together, they can and will get you out of all sorts of challenges. They really should be every parent’s BFF!

The more I parent, the more I realize this.

The more I work with other parents, the more I realize this.

It is THE only way to help us parent from a more present, connected, mindful, and conscious place.

It takes practice to stay on your breath and notice when your mind has wandered away from the present moment and this is why the Mindful Monday Facebook LIVE sessions are a great place to learn and develop this skill.

Don’t forget to join me next Monday at 10am for 10 minutes to BE not Do and start strengthening your power of awareness and using your breath for more than just air.

Mindfully Yours