Thank you Mom for being the best Mom ever. You could turn your hand to almost anything; chef, event planner, chauffeur, algebra tutor, cleaner, diplomat, bike mechanic, peacekeeper, vet, handyman, artist, nurse, personal assistant, time keeper, game maker upper, tennis umpire…… have I missed anything and did you honestly think you would never see another fraction after graduating from high school?

For me, it was really when I became a mother myself that I gained a new-found appreciation for everything my Mom has done for me. The unconditional love, the unwavering support, the eternal shoulder, the person who is always there for me, 24 / 7 and last but by no means least, the values she instilled in me.

Mom, you allowed me to be me, to be proud of who I am today. You taught me right from wrong. You set fair limits and boundaries in which I could learn and feel safe. You encouraged me to play and be creative. You made sure that I got enough sleep even when I objected to “being the only one that had to go to bed THAT early”. You cooked me lovely meals. You wiped my brow when I was sick. You made my favorite cookies and then taught me how to make them for myself. You taught me to persevere and not give up, to keep on trying until I got it right. You tolerated all my childish and teenage “moments”. You gave me appropriate responsibility and let me be in charge of myself where it was safe to do so. You were encouraging and enthusiastic even in the hardest of moments. You allowed me to follow my passions and make my own choices, where appropriate. You guided and supported me when I needed it.

I believe that many of the things my Mom taught me still remain, for me, some of the most fundamental things necessary for raising happy and successful children today. In today’s busy world, many of these things are over-looked and not given enough time and importance. Although today’s world is a very different one to that of only one generation past, we can learn a lot from our own Mom’s and have them to thank for what they did for us and for what we can do for and pass on to our own children.

Thank you Mom!

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