With kind permission, we are able to disclose and share with you the testimonials below.

“There are so many things I could say about this course.  Personally, I felt like I walked away from each session with a valuable “nugget” that was easy to apply to our everyday life.  Small changes that made a big impact.”


 “Louise is exceptional as a parenting coach. She was my lifeline in a time of crisis. Her intuitive questions caused me to reflect on my behavior, reconsider strategies, and keep my eye on my long term parenting goals versus my immediate need of wanting my child to obey me this instant. She asked the right questions to quickly identify the root cause of the issue and offered specific strategies to try to diffuse the tension.  In a moment of crisis, Louise calmed me, reassured me, and offered an intuitive perspective and strategies to try to rectify the problem and restore a calmer mutually respectful relationship. Her wisdom and advice still resonates with me to this day.” 


“I absolutely loved Louise’s parenting course. I found the material relevant and easy to put into practice at home. I definitely feel more empowered as a parent and feel like I have the right tools that work in our household! I also enjoyed the group setting as you learn through other parent’s experiences. I liked it so much I would actually take it again!!” 


“I got a tremendous amount of insight into my son’s mind (and my own) from this course and really learned how to deal with getting through the trying times of parenting.  It was comforting to know that we’re not the only parents that have issues with our children. Sharing these with others, hearing their stories, and finding out how to deal with our various situations was both relieving and inspirational.” 


“After having read about and tried numerous parenting techniques, I was at my wits end for strategies to use with my spirited 10-year-old son. This course gave me the knowledge, the tools, and the confidence to try new ways of relating to my son. This course is the Coles Notes of effective parenting and it is the best investment of time you can make if you truly want to improve your enjoyment and effectiveness as a parent. This course speaks to the core parenting challenges we all face and offers realistic specific solutions to improve your parent child relationships. I was able to tweak my parenting style, recognize and drop unproductive parenting habits, and introduce more effective dialogue with my son. The in-class exercises using our specific parenting challenges and the at home exercises were outstanding. I am now much happier with my parenting style and enjoy the marked improvement in the quality of the relationship and interactions with my son. The instructors are highly knowledgeable, supportive, and non-judgmental. We were also introduced to an incredible amount of support material to pursue if we needed additional help on a specific challenge. I still refer back to the course notes when I am at a loss of what to do in a specific situation and the material always steers me in the right direction.”