As you are all aware, over the past couple of months I have been writing a blog on Gloria DeGaetano’s excellent book called “Parenting Well in a Media Age”. So far, I have posted 7 blogs covering the introduction and first 6 chapters. There are only two chapters remaining which I am going to cover in the New Year, so please stay tuned!

So far, I hope that I (through DeGaetano) have given you some insight into the effects that living in this media / industry generated culture can have on families today. In this inspiring book, the author provides us with a guide and many practical and simple ideas to help us safely navigate these deep, highly influencial, enticing and persuasive waters in order to maintain our identity, parent well and not get swept up, engulfed and left reeling by the tide. Creating a “Strong Parenting Identity” forms the platform for the Vital 5 essential needs as listed below (Gloria DeGaetano):

1. A loving Parent Child Bond

2. An Interior Life

3. Image Making

4. Creative Expression

5. Contribution as Relationship (Coming in January 2015)

Time spent with your children during the holiday period will be a wonderful way to lovingly connect with them (1). As much as this is a wonderful time of the year, it can become busy and quite overwhelming. As such, I encourage you to make sure you carve out time to just be in your “porches” and let your child be in theirs (2), find yours and their creative spirits and let those juices flow (4) encourage and allow your imaginations (3) to run wild.

Enjoy this time to simply be together whether it be playing cards and board games, doing puzzles, going for walks, skiing, cooking special dinners (Fondues and Raclettes are our favorites at this time of year), roasting marshmallows, drinking hot chocolate, laughing, cozying up and connected around the fire, away from the 2 dimensional life that all the screens in our lives create. Light the fire, crank up the tunes, turn off the screens, connect with each other, play, eat and be merry!

Having this time with our children and family is sacred. It is a magical time of the year to enjoy sharing ourselves and memories, honor traditions and rituals and be totally present.

“The best present you can give yourself and your family is to BE PRESENT”

This is a time of year that I like to reflect and, as such, would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for trusting me and my advice over this past year. I love sharing information that I believe helps us be the best parents we can be and look forward to an exciting year ahead.

Wishing you and your family much joy, happiness and holiday cheer during this festive season.

Partnering You