Sex, Drugs, Rap ‘n’ Roll & Teens

“It’s only weed mom! What’s the big deal?”

“Mom it’s not my vape! It belongs to a friend and I’m just keeping it for her.”

“You are not the boss of me – stop trying to control me! I’ll come home when I like.”

“Mom, you are the ONLY parent who makes me come home at that time! ALL my friends get to stay out much later than me. It’s so not fair.”

Welcome to the world of sex, alcohol, drugs, rap ‘n’ roll and teens. In this course I will help you find a way to navigate this potentially treacherous terrain in a way that will help preserve your sanity and the connection with your teen and ,most importantly, maintain your capacity to influence them as they desperately need you to but would never admit to.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What to do if your teenager ignores you, manages to get around the consequences, fights back against the rules, and doesn’t seem to respect you on any level.
  • What to do if you find a vape in their backpack.
  • What to say and do if they admitted to having sex (or, worse, you found out from someone else – or even through their secret Instagram account!).
  • How to respond if your teen comes home drunk or stoned
  • What to do when your teen violates the curfews
  • How to preserve your sanity and connection with your teen without violating your boundaries, giving them too much freedom, or being “the worst mom/dad ever.”
  • The 5 fundamental things you need to be doing to keep the lines of communication open and help you remain compassionate with your teen during these formative, testing, roller-coaster, risky behavior-driven years.
  • 5 key things to focus on to foster connection and cooperation over conflict and separation.