How to Talk to Kids About Morals and Values

I would like to recommend a book for to you today. It is called – “E Is For Ethics” by Ian James Corlett. We bought it a few years ago and as a family have had some amazing conversations about Morals and Values as a result of it.


We kept the book in the car and whenever we were all on longer car rides we would pick one chapter to read and discuss. There are 26 chapters in total covering all sorts of things like: Honesty, Understanding, Forgiveness, Courage, Tact, Perseverance, Politeness, Loyalty, Gratitude etc.

Let’s pick Gratitude, it looks like this:


After each picture, there is a short story related to the Title followed by one main question to spark the curiosity and trigger the conversation. There are then a few more questions and a couple of quotes.

IMG_0829 IMG_0830

We have spent hours and hours chatting about things like what it takes to be patient, having integrity, empathy and sincerity and have found this book a particularly fun way to engage our kids in conversations on such things.

I hope that this might inspire some of you with younger kids to follow suit. I highly recommend it and it made those car rides to Whistler a whole load more interesting!

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