James Skinner

Adlerian Parenting Facilitator

After retiring from 38 years in Public Education, Jim is now the Executive Director of the Adlerian Psychology Association of BC and has been facilitating parenting workshops for over 30 years in the Greater Vancouver area. He has also taught Adlerian Principles at the Post Graduate level, developed many of his own workshops and leads seminars in schools and workplaces.

your-parenting-partner-jim-skinner-bioJim’s children and grandchildren are what motivates him to continue leading parenting groups as he has seen first hand the growth and transformation that Adlerian Principles bring into ones family. He has always been one to look at the bigger picture and therefore believes that when a family is transformed an entire community may be transformed: the timeless Adlerian Principles make for resilient children who will grow up with the democratic stamina to help change an ailing world. His passion lies in his holistic vision of connecting people together within the organic fabric of community, so that we have a world that requires greater cooperation, peace and the care of each other.


In his spare time, Jim enjoys playing football with his kids, attending concerts and visiting his son and grandkids in Costa Rica. He also finds great joy through meditation both as a follower and teacher.