Tech & Teens

Fed up with nagging your teen to get off their phone?

You set the boundary, but they just ignore it and go on their phones anyway?

No matter what you say, within a few minutes they are back on their phones?

The endless selfies and Snapchat poses are doing your head in.

All they want to do is hang out on Snapchat or play Fortnite.

Feel like they love their phones more than they love you?

No parent could have possibly imagined just what a GARGANTUAN problem device overuse has become. It is wreaking havoc in homes. It is fracturing family life, disconnecting us from our kids not to mention disconnecting them from themselves and we have to do something about it. If you check the boxes for all of this, then this course will help you get back on track and equip you with the skills you need in order to become better at navigating and effectively managing device use in your home.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The reasons you face the digital challenges you do
  • The impact of too much screen time on your teen’s developing brain
  • To better understand your teen’s digital behavior
  • How to set badass boundaries around screen use
  • How to hold the limits
  • How to set consequences that actually work and deal with the pushback
  • How to eliminate punishments, threats, and rewards around technology
  • How to move from being a monitor to a mentor
  • To understand the power of role modeling
  • How to raise a more digitally responsible teenager

Plus 4 Amazing Bonuses:

  • The Top 4 Digital Challenges Parents Face with Their Teens – Audio Recording
  • Meditation Package for Parents of Teens – 4-part Video Series
  • 50 Ways to Navigate Device Use with More Ease – Workbook
  • The Top 4 Teen Parenting Challenges – Audio Recording