•  Parenting has never been harder:
    • Todays parent is caught between two conflicting parenting styles:
      • Authoritarian – “Do as you are told”
      • Permissive – “Do your own thing”
    • Children are confused by these inconsistent styles.
    • Increased pressure on parents to try and get their child “ahead”.
    • Increased pressure on children to succeed:
      • Academically, Physically and Socially
      • Over scheduling
      • Increased Extra Curricular Activities
      • Obsession with Perfection
      • Fear of / low tolerance of Failure and Mistakes
      • Need for Instant Gratification
    • Proliferation of drugs.
    • Addiction to devices.
    • Less time to spend together as a family
  • Specific Parenting challenges.  More info
  • Proactive Parenting Guidance and Advice.


  • At YPP we have the understanding, objectivity and solutions to your parenting challenges.
  • We will help you achieve your ultimate goals:
    • To be a better parent.
    • To build a solid connected relationship with your child.
    • To help you understand any behavioral challenges your child may have and give you the required tools to address them whilst preserving the connection and relationship you have with your child.
    • To develop a Democratic parenting style, a “let me guide you” approach, that gives your child the opportunity to develop the skills, competencies, values and social integrity required to flourish, be successful and happy in a demanding and ever changing, challenging world.
    • Childhood passes quickly and giving you and your child this opportunity is worth every ounce of effort.  More info

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